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This event was held on 2021.03.21 (Sun).

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Asaka Shirai Cithare Album III SAKURA
03.21 (Sun) ⇨ 03.24 (Wed) | Online Streaming

Asaka Shirai Cithare Album III SAKURA

〜Beautiful four seasons of Japan played with the cithare 〜 Release commemorative concert

  • date_range 03.21 (Sun) 14:30 ⇨ 03.24 (Wed) 15:30
  • grade Instrumental / Acoustic / Folk

A gem of a lyrical song that colors the beautiful four seasons of Japan.l play “the heart of Japan “ entrusted to music with the heavenly gentle tone of the French koto "cithare “

2021/3/21(sun)14:30-15:30 Live at Gewand Halle Hiroshima

■ Online video distribution: 2000 yen

We are preparing online video distribution, with zaiko's system as Archive delivery(From 14:30 on March 21st to 23:59 on March 24th, you can watch as many times as you like )

■Asaka Shirai profile

Asaka Shirai is a violin and cithare player living in Hiroshima. Asaka studied under Fr. Damien Harada, a member of the Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem.

In 2009, triggered by the performance at the Memorial Cathedral for World Peace, Asaka made her debut as the only Cithare player in West Japan. Asaka started her work, aiming to spread the message of peace from Hiroshima with the sound of Cithare, known as the instrument of prayer.

She opened her own Music Salon in 2010, and has taught for younger players in a Cithare class started in 2012. Besides the regular performance at the Japan-France Association and Asaka has collaborated with art museums, storytelling, and theatrical plays for a number of times. Also, Asaka is engaged in the Cithare playing as music therapy at the palliative care unit in Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital.

In 2013, Asaka released her solo CD called Hommage~Hymn~. Nominated as a Miyajima sightseeing ambassador, Asaka dedicated her Cithare performance to one of the World Heritages, Itsukusima-jinja Shrine as well as playing at the Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde. Asaka also made a courtesy call on the Consulate General of Japan in Marseille.

Furthermore, Asaka has put effort in the international goodwill through music by appearing at the charity event for the Great East Japan Earthquake in Aix-en-Provence, hosted by the France-Japan Society, and giving a memorial performance for the 20th anniversary of the Korea-Japan Friendship Association in Busan in 2014. In 2015, Asaka is going to play the Cithare at the International Youth Conference for Peace in the Future Hiroshima 2015, and at a reception of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament Issues in Hiroshima. In this year, she went to the Mont Saint-Michel in France to play the Cithare for the 5th anniversary of tourism and friendship city alliance.

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